April 13 Permaculture & Polyculture:  fruit installation and care


May 24  Soil Health, Transplants, Greenhouse management 


June 21  Chicken Processing Seminar

Boot N Saddles Ranch 2729 S13810 E Road, 60958  the directions are on their website Boots n Saddles Riding Ranch  from 10:00am-2:00pm depending on the amount of hens we have to process.


July  Farmer Training Boot Camp TBD (water irrigation and weeds, disease and pest management

Trellising, Suckering, Climate control/shading, Pollinating, Supplemental Fertilizing


August Farmer Training Boot Camp TBD Post Harvest Handling/Extended Growing Season Preparation


September Farmer Training Boot Camp TBD FSA/Farm Financials/Farm Safety and Equipment Use


October TBA Farmer Training Boot Camp  Value Added Production/Pembroke Farm Tours preparation and implementation


November TBA  TBC land succession, conservation


Visit the Curriculum Page for list of learning resources