2-year Intensive Program

-Extended growing season from Feb. to Nov.
- Core Competencies for the 1st and 2nd year
- Variety of ways to learn (workshops, skill building, local food system development, etc.)
- Farm business plan development
- An opportunity to partner, purchase or lease land

Affiliates with University of Illinois Extension, Central Illinois Farm Beginning, Liberty Prairie Crossing, Angelic Organics, Growing Power, Eden Place, Irv & Shelly's Fresh Picks, Pembroke Farms, Federation of Southern Co-operatives, SEAFON, America Grows Here, Local Food System Network, Rehoboth Church, Nelson White Farm, Nature Conservancy, Mrs. Clemy's Farm, Basu Farm, Betty Shabazz and more!

Local Food System Experience

- Run markets from start to finish
- Conduct farmer CSA and learn direct marketing
- On-farm minimal hub processing
- Post-harvest handling & value added production
- Vegetable, fruit production & cover crops
- Livestock, dairy, poultry & bee keeping

Upon completion of the program, not only will you have the opportunity to invest skills into a food system that is already developed by partnering with business or leasing land, but you will have skills, knowledge and a wide range of exposure that will equipt you to begin your on local food system development.

Earn & Learn Opportunities

An opportunity to earn as you learn cooperative farm business (four criterion):
1. Tuition w/ Scholarship Option
2. Time Demand (weekly time commitment in hands on training & learning)
3. Weekly quizzes and practicums
4. Maintain healthy social ecology that honors earth & each other

Once these requirements are met, apprentices are eligible to earn money though food production and distribution through our Fall Green Boxes & Spring/Summer Greens Shares.