Today we had the pleasure to go visit South Pork Ranch as a part of our RAFT-P monthly farm tours. The farm tours provide examples of successful farms doing a variety of work so that apprentices might be able to connect with pieces they’d like to see on their own farms. This is an opportunity to help develop personal farm visions for their farm business plans.

In the past we’ve been to places like produce farms, apriarys, herb farms, etc.

Many of the apprentices don’t eat pork, so we were a little nervous about the possibility of low turn out when we prepared ourselves to go visit a small pork ranch.  Our nerves were put at ease when we easily needed to take 4 full cars down to visit South Pork Ranch LLC.

photo 2

This farm visit was not just pork; they also had dairy cows, peacocks, chickens, ducks, and a beautiful big dog named Fanny. But what stood out were those unique Red Wattle Hogs.

photo 4

As we debriefed after the tour, what we saw as a group was much more than the animals on the land. There were beautiful lessons in close systems and minimal waste. Every morning the cows were milked, and if all they milk wasn’t sold by the end of the day , it was incorporated as a part of the feed for the pigs. Zero waste. Everywhere we looked every piece of the ranch served it’s purpose. Even the peacocks took great pride in being part of the bug management team, and as they shed their feathers we were able to have beautiful peacock feathers to take as a part of our home decor plans. The farm store,  even had products made from what could have easily been wasted. Honey based lip balms,raw milk soaps, etc.

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What do you think about Closed System Farming? Any questions for us please ask below!

See you on the the next farm tour. Keep an eye out on September 14th.


Check out South Pork Ranch at

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